• Welcome to Australia‚Äôs 1st and only car site with real people real videos that allows the user to connect in a fun and socially interactive way.....YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
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About Show and Sell cars

showandsellcars.com.au is the first and only socially interactive Australian owned and operated car sales
website that allows sellers to showcase their cars by making their own videos. Buyers can not only view real
videos of real cars they can also chat directly to the sellers online. Video has emerged as the optimum way to
either buy or sell a car. The use of video makes the internet an extraordinary pre-purchase research tool, it also
humanizes your ad and breaks down the internet’s fearsome impersonal barriers.
It is without doubt that the use of real videos will sell more cars and showandsellcars.com.au are at the forefront
in introducing the technology that enables this truly amazing feature.
Showcase your cars any way you wish and be as imaginative as you want (providing it’s within the law and not
offensive). Users can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and numerous other social websites.
showandsellcars.com.au has created their own highly developed, easy to use iPhone App.
showandsellcars.com.au thoroughly reviewed the needs of both the buyer and the seller and we are confident we
have ideally met the requirements of both. Our aim is to stay ahead of the field and work with our users to better
improve our product and services.
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