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Cars under $5000 in Perth and Australia

You’d be surprised what $5000 can get you on the car market. There are many second hand and used vehicles that are in great condition, that will provide you with service for years to come.

At Show and Sell Cars, we make it easy to find used cars under $5,000. Simple set the price range with a maximum of $5,000 and we’ll provide you with a range of cars that fit your budget. There’s no need to trawl through loads of listings – we’ll only present you with the ones you can afford. No false hopes, no time wasting.

Each of the listings provides all of the data you need – and if there’s something missing, we make it super easy to contact the person offering the sale to find out more. In addition to the general photos and words, we’re the only car website to offer videos of the cars, taking buying a car online to a whole other level.

Get started today – enter in the details of the car you want – including that all important price range - and find out just how far $5,000 can go.