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Terms & Conditions

This page is dedicated to the Terms and Conditions relating to all aspects of Showandsellcars.com.au. Here you will learn your rights, responsibilities and any restrictions that apply when using Showandsellcars.com.au as buyer, seller or dealer.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing or using Showandsellcars.com.au. If you find you do not agree with any part of this policy, then it is your responsibility not to use this site. If you access or use Showandsellcars.com.au, you agree to comply with all the relevant Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and it is your responsibility to regularly check this section on Showandsellcars.com.au to ensure you are aware of our current Terms and Conditions.

About our Terms and Conditions

Showandsellcars.com.au does not provide any warranty or guarantee relating to any goods for sale or services advertised by third parties and by using this site you agree Showandsellcars.com.au holds no responsibility for any users actions (for relevant definitions see below). By choosing to purchase an item or service advertised on Showandsellcars.com.au, you agree to accept all responsibility related to that purchase and accept Showandsellcars.com.au has no control over the quality, reliability or accuracy of the material published on its site or any site linked to Showandsellcars.com.au.

Showandsellcars.com.au does not see or examine any advertised goods or services through its site and has no control or responsibility over the quantity, quality, legality or safety of those goods or services. Showandsellcars.com.au does not accept any obligation to protect any user from any unsafe goods or services that may be advertised or offered through the site.

Showandsellcars.com.au does not warrant that any goods, services or material posted or published on the site is expert or professional advice and should not be regarded as such. If Showandsellcars.com.au incurs any cost or suffers any loss or damage arising from a breach of these terms and conditions by any user, the user agrees to cover Showandsellcars.com.au for any such loss or damage.


Showandsellcars.com.au may refer to itself as "we", "our", "us" or "it" throughout any page of this website. You, the user may be referred to as "you", "user", "browser", "viewer", "member", or where relevant, "seller", "buyer", "advertiser" or "dealer".
The following words take on the subsequent meanings:

  • "User" means any person who uses or accesses Showandsellcars.com.au, including a seller and dealer.
  • "Seller" means any person, business operator or company, including a dealer, offering a vehicle or product for sale to the general public via Showandsellcars.com.au.
  • "Buyer" means any person, business operator or company intending to purchase a car or item listed for sale on Showandsellcars.com.au.
  • "Dealer" means a local vehicle or retail distribution business that sells new and/or used items at retail level.
  • "Services" means any person or business operator or company offering a provision of assistance to customers or clients.
  • "Advertisement" means a form of non-personal communication intended to persuade an audience (User) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services.
  • "Social Media" is a forum for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.


Showandsellcars.com.au offers its services to its members, that is, people who register their accurate personal information with us. Membership with Showandsellcars.com.au is a privilege and we may cancel, suspend or restrict your membership at any time should you fail to follow our Terms and Conditions. If we suspend, terminate or restrict your membership you will not be able to access our services and will be prohibited from applying for a new membership account.
You agree to keep your membership details up to date and you also agree to keep your log in password confidential. You are fully responsible for all use of your account, including the use of your account by others and must report any unauthorised use of your account.
You must be over 18 years of age to register and agree you can form a legally binding contract that is enforceable against you under applicable law. An account may be set up in a corporate, company or business name but it is to be the personal account of a registered member of that account. Your membership is non transferable.
Showandsellcars.com.au may, but has no obligation to do so, review, remove or modify any communication posted or published by any user.


All material on Showandsellcars.com.au is subject to copyright law with all rights reserved and you must not use, or attempt to use any material published on this site to develop any business or company or publish any website. You may not copy, modify, display or reproduce any material available on Showandsellcars.com.au or claim to be a representative or strategic alliance partner with us unless you have prior written permission from Showandsellcars.com.au.

You may not forge any material in order to disguise the origin of any content or communications sent through the site. Users may not harvest information about other users for the purposes of sending, or to facilitate the sending, of Spam.

Showandsellcars.com.au reserves the right to republish any advertisement in avenues such as other websites, search engines, applications and print or other media as it determines from time to time in its absolute discretion.

Seller Obligations

All goods and services offered on or through Showandsellcars.com.au by sellers (third parties) are subject to additional terms and conditions, such as our privacy policy. The seller is responsible for all advertisements and agrees to supply only correct information in those advertisements and is accountable for any goods or services offered for sale. The seller must be legally able to sell.
Showandsellcars.com.au is not responsible for any loss, profit, revenue, production or business arising from any goods or services purchased, sold or advertised on the site and all users agree Showandsellcars.com.au will not be held accountable for any claims arising out of or in connection to access and use of the site by any person, business or company.
A seller is prohibited from sending, publishing, transmitting, uploading or otherwise posting through Showandsellcars.com.au, any content that is unlawful, abusive, indecent, offensive, discriminatory, threatening or obscene and any content that interferes with any other user's access or use of the site.
A seller or dealer will not include pictures or video that does not accurately reflect the item for sale.
The seller must include specific details in their advertisement on Showandsellcars.com.au such as their returns policy, shipping and handling information such as method and costs, forms of accepted payment, taxes and any applicable government charges, correct stock levels etc. The seller is required to meet the expectations set in their advertisement on Showandsellcars.com.au and agrees to comply with the relevant law associated with trade.
The seller has the right to remove, modify or extend their advertisement at any time but may be subject to relevant fees and charges. The seller may promote the sale of multiple goods or services in the one video.
Once a buyer has committed to purchasing the item, the seller cannot modify the terms and conditions of the sale, including post sale. All charges and policies will remain valid as originally advertised.
The seller agrees to supply and or deliver any goods or service purchased through the use of Showandsellcars.com.au in a timely manner.
The buyer and seller will communicate directly with each other.
A seller will not be able to modify or remove any comment posted by any user on their account but may respond to that comment by posting or publishing their own. Any seller who feels a comment or post may be misleading or incorrect may report it to Showandsellcars.com.au who may, but is not obliged to, remove or modify the content.
When selling internationally, the seller is responsible for any import or export restrictions imposed by any country where a buyer may be purchasing from.

User and Buyer Obligations

Any user who agrees to purchase any goods or services by any seller or dealer enters into a legally binding contract through Showandsellcars.com.au and agrees to be held responsible for that contract and any results that may arise because of it. Showandsellcars.com.au will not be held responsible for the terms of any transaction between the buyer and seller, or any goods or services purchased by any user and will not be responsible for resolving any dispute between any user and seller.
Showandsellcars.com.au does not provide any warranty in relation to any contract between users and sellers and does not act as an agent or broker or legal representative.
The buyer agrees to be responsible for all relevant searches such as vehicle registration checks, model and year checks and location checks and agrees vehicle prices may not include government and statutory charges. Any incorrect information or misleading information provided by sellers is the seller's responsibility and the buyer agrees Showandsellcars.com.au will not be held liable for this.
The buyer must pay for any goods or service they purchase through the use of Showandsellcars.com.au in a timely manner, often specified in the original advertisement of the seller. Users are responsible for ensuring their payment is legal and current. Showandsellcars.com.au does not accept any responsibility for fraudulent activity by users.
The buyer and seller will communicate directly with each other.
Showandsellcars.com.au allows members to post or publish content that can be accessed and viewed by other users. By using or accessing this site, you irrevocably and unconditionally waive any claim against Showandsellcars.com.au for defamation, libel or whatsoever arising from any User Generated Content.
All users acknowledge and agree any communication is not reviewed, approved or screened by Showandsellcars.com.au users agree not to publish or communicate any unlawful, defamatory, abusive, deceptive or misleading material or provide links to files or sites that contain viruses, corrupted files or material.


Showandsellcars.com.au offers users the opportunity to advertise and sell goods and services but some categories or items are prohibited from sale on or through Showandsellcars.com.au such as adult only material including pornography, sexual devices and services, Alcohol and drugs in any form, firearms, weapons and knives, chemicals and hazardous materials, illegal items, goods or services, overseas food, plants and seeds not permitted in Australia, recalled items, human parts or remains, animal parts or remains, police related items, real estate, tobacco products and stolen goods etc.

Showandsellcars.com.au reserves the right to view all video advertisements before they are posted on or through this site and may, at its absolute discretion, reject any video or advertisement it deems inappropriate or in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Further Information

If you require any further information, have a complaint regarding this policy or you simply wish to change or update your personal information, please contact us in the relevant section on this website.