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So real and personal it eliminates the need for extra salesmen. Real video has definately revolutionized the motor industry.

Peter Sapwell - COMO WHOLESALE - Car Dealer

My enquiry rate has gone through the roof with real buyers. Video is the best tool for the car industry especially for country and far away

Steve Low - MEGA MOTORS - Car Dealer

So easy and simple to use. I just use my iphone and become my own director, editor and star. Absolutely great for conversions.

Mark Lane - MARSAN MOTORS - Car Dealer

Greatest innovation the car industry has ever seen. Videos are powerful and real. Easy to brand myself and company without huge media costs. I have sold cars to customers who have never been to my yard. Highly recommend it to any dealer.

MATTHEW - Maddington - Perth Western Australia

Easy to see the quality of the car without have to be there. Watched the video countless times.

LESLIE - Mandurah - Perth Western Australia

Very pleased with the service, greatly recommend it to anyone. DEFINATELY A TIME SAVER

HELEN - St James - Perth Western Australia

It took less than 24hrs to sell my car. Top job ShowandSellCars

CODY PEARCE - Belmont - Perth Western Australia

GREAT VIDEO. A lot better than looking at pictures. Showed all the guys at work.

KAT & JASPER - Vic Park - Perth Western Australia

Exactly what it looked like in the video. Great to see it before I came out to buy it

MARK & JASON - Jandakot - Perth Western Australia

New Age in buying and selling car. Closest thing to being there. Saves you time money and petrol.